Islas Feroe vs Moldavia
JOR. 6World Cup European Qualifiers
Islas Feroe

Islas Feroe

2 - 1


Tue, 07 Sep - 20:45
Chance of victory
Islas Feroe
Islas Feroe vs Moldavia Besoccer
76.9% Islas Feroe 23.1% Draw 0% Moldavia
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Chance of victory
Islas Feroe
Islas Feroe vs Moldavia Besoccer
76.9% Islas Feroe 23.1% Draw 0% Moldavia

Predictions Islas Feroe vs Moldavia

No predictions yet in this match

No predictions yet in this match

Match events
  • 60'
    C. Dros
    Leaves the game C. Dros
  • 60'
    N. Milinceanu
    Entering the match N. Milinceanu
  • 64'
    O. Færø
    Leaves the game O. Færø
  • 64'
    J. Andreasen
    Entering the match J. Andreasen
  • 65'
    M. Olsen
    Leaves the game M. Olsen
  • 65'
    J. Edmundsson
    Entering the match J. Edmundsson
  • 68'
    H. Hánsson
    Assistance H. Hánsson
  • 68'
    K. Olsen
    Goal K. Olsen
  • 72'
    H. Vatnsdal
    Goal H. Vatnsdal
  • 74'
    R. Ginsari
    Leaves the game R. Ginsari
  • 74'
    C. Cotogoi
    Entering the match C. Cotogoi
  • 74'
    D. Spataru
    Entering the match D. Spataru
  • 74'
    S. Platica
    Leaves the game S. Platica
  • 80'
    N. Clescenco
    Entering the match N. Clescenco
  • 80'
    V. Bolohan
    Leaves the game V. Bolohan
  • 84'
    N. Milinceanu
    Goal N. Milinceanu
  • 86'
    A. Olsen
    Entering the match A. Olsen
  • 86'
    K. Olsen
    Leaves the game K. Olsen
  • 87'
    B. Olsen
    Leaves the game B. Olsen
  • 87'
    H. Askam
    Entering the match H. Askam
  • 89'
    O. Reabciuk
    Yellow card O. Reabciuk
  • 92'
    V. Posmac
    Yellow card V. Posmac
  • Final
Starting lineups
Islas Feroe FRO (4-5-1)
Moldavia MDA (3-4-3)
23 C. Avram
3 V. Bolohan
4 I. Armaş
5 V. Posmac
18 C. Dros
22 V. Raţa
2 O. Reabciuk
15 I. Jardan
11 R. Ginsari
9 I. Nicolaescu
20 S. Platica
12 T. Gestsson
15 O. Færø
4 H. Vatnsdal
3 D. Johansen
9 G. Sørensen
8 B. Olsen
10 S. Vatnhamar
6 H. Hánsson
19 M. Olsen
16 G. Vatnhamar
11 K. Olsen
Our users predictions

The 53% of our users think that the final result of the match will be victory of Islas Feroe. The majority of our users expect the 0-0 draw, the most repeated result is 0-0.

Most interesting predictions
Final result: Empate 3.02
Result Half time / Full time: X/FRO 4.90
Correct score (Full time): 1 - 0 4.85
Correct score (Half time): 0 - 1 5.80
Double chance: FRO o MDA 1.44
Both teams will score: Si 2.4

Schedules and TV

  • SKY Sports

    SKY Sports


Last matches

The Islas Feroe lost the last match against Denmark (0 - 1) that was played at home, in the case of Moldavia, he comes after losing against Scotland (1 - 0) who played as a visitor.

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