Juve Stabia vs Pisa
Stadio Comunale Romeo Menti
JOR. 2Serie B
Juve Stabia

Juve Stabia

0 - 2


Stadio Comunale Romeo Menti
Sun, 01 Sep - 18:00
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Predictions Juve Stabia vs Pisa

No predictions yet in this match

No predictions yet in this match

Match events
  • 4'
    S. Benedetti
    Yellow card S. Benedetti
  • 30'
    A. Mallamo
    Yellow card A. Mallamo
  • 32'
    R. Gucher
    Goal R. Gucher
  • 46'
    B. Addae
    Leaves the game B. Addae
  • 46'
    A. Rossi
    Entering the match A. Rossi
  • 53'
    M. Minesso
    Leaves the game M. Minesso
  • 53'
    F. Belli
    Entering the match F. Belli
  • 60'
    R. Vitiello
    Yellow card R. Vitiello
  • 63'
    M. Marin
    Leaves the game M. Marin
  • 63'
    N. Siega
    Entering the match N. Siega
  • 68'
    M. Carlini
    Entering the match M. Carlini
  • 68'
    S. Elia
    Leaves the game S. Elia
  • 69'
    Entering the match Asencio
  • 69'
    G. Masucci
    Leaves the game G. Masucci
  • 70'
    M. Marconi
    Goal M. Marconi
  • 70'
    F. Lisi
    Assistance F. Lisi
  • 73'
    L. Canotto
    Entering the match L. Canotto
  • 73'
    D. Di Gennaro
    Leaves the game D. Di Gennaro
  • 75'
    S. Benedetti
    2nd yellow and red S. Benedetti
  • 82'
    L. Germoni
    Yellow card L. Germoni
  • 90'
    D. Tonucci
    Yellow card D. Tonucci
  • Final

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