Frequently asked questions and help

How can I get my rewards? Does it cost money?

In BePicks we don’t play with real money, as such, anything you win or lose in the game will not cost a penny. You will receive the fictional rewards that you gain from your predictions shortly after the game finishes.

How do I see how much I have?

Once you have entered a tournament, you can see everything that is available to clicking the pink button.

Are the prizes real?

Yes, the prizes are always real as long as they are sponsored by Pronosticos Futbol, you’ll see the blue tick that marks it as official. We cannot be responsible for unofficial tournaments which offer prizes to the winners.

What is a tournament?

The tournaments are competitions for players which's goal is earning more points/rewards than their rivals to finish in first place. There are three types:

  • Official tournaments: They are created by BePicks and always have a prize or reward for the winner(s). They're always marked with a blue tick.
  • Public tournaments: The BePicks community is always creating new tournaments, each with its own rules and settings. Why not try one?
  • Private tournaments: We also give you the option of creating your own tournament for you and anyone you want to join it. You can share the link with friends and play for a dinner, for example.

What's the difference between posting in a tournament or on my profile?

The biggest difference is that you will always be able to post on your profile as there is no limit on money. In tournaments, money limit is just a part of the competition.

Why have my odds changed after I have made a live prediction?

Live games will change odds constantly. It could be the case that you have made a prediction just when a goal was scored or a player was expulesed, for example. In this case, to avoid possible cheating, the odds update every minute or so.

A problem has ocurred, ¿what should i do?

In the navigation bar there is a button labelled ‘more’, which will open a range of options. One of these is ‘Feedback’ from where you can report back to us with any issue you have encountered.

We don’t recommend you to send us anonymous feedbacks, as we won't be able to notify you once we have solved the problem.

The result of the game is wrong

If you think we may have got a wrong score, we recommend sending feedback, which can be found by clicking ‘more’ in the navigation bar.

Help and general conditions about the challenges

  • - You can only win the pot if you guess all the matches proposed in the challenge.
  • - The prize is unique to distribute among the winners. This pot keeps growing every week if there is no winner. The amount rate with which it grows is equitable to the amount of people who participated and the visualized advertising.
  • - In spite of having 7 attempts, if a person repeats the challenge with the same possibility and is the winner, will count as a single person.
  • - The prize will be paid via Paypal to the winner or winners in the 14 days following the resolution of the challenge. The winner should contact us at [email protected] If in 72 hours the prize is not claimed, it will be considered lost. If the pot is a bonus, t-shirt, freebet or other prize, a draw will be made to define the winner.
  • - If a match is suspended and postponed to another weekend different from the current challenge, the whole challenge will be given as canceled

What is a combined bet and how is a combination made?

In BePicks you can combine one or several matches. Just press the combine button that will be displayed at the end of the creation of a forecast and choose the match with which you will combine your initial prediction.

When combining, the odds multiply so, the more matches you combine the higher the fee. Of course, the combination will only be considered good if it matches all the matches that contain it.

What are the levels?

Your activity in BePicks will mark your user level. The more you interact and demonstrate your skills, the higher level you will have. As you level up, your rank will also rise. Currently there are 4 ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

This will allow you to access exclusive tournaments for experienced players with exclusive prizes!

How to level up?

Many of the actions you do in BePicks are now rewarded with experience points (xp). The more xp you earn, the higher your level will be. You can get xp with the following actions:

  • - Login every day
  • - Any time you publish a prediction.
  • - Any time you . We will give you more points the harder it is!
  • - When creating and sharing a tournament
  • - Participating in the weekly challenges
  • - Being popular will also give you xp
  • - Get to be among the best in the ranking

Types of predictions

BePicks offers different possibilities when it comes to making your predictions:

  • Final result: Who do you think the match will win?
  • Final result (Rest): Who do you think will win the rest of the game?
  • Exact score (Final): Score at the end of the match: 1-0, 0-0, 1-1, etc.
  • Exact score (Rest): Score at halftime: 1-0, 0-0, 1-1, etc.
  • Handicap: Then add or remove goals to the team you want, thus giving you an advantage or disadvantage. For example: Team A +1.5. Team A, for you, starts with 1.5 goals of advantage. If the result of the match is 0 - 0 your prediction would be successful. In the event that the result, despite the handicap, is equal, the forecast is considered null and the investment will be returned.
  • Double chance: You choose two possibilities at once, so it's easier to hit;).
  • Top goals / Goals lower than: Number of goals at the end of the match.
  • Both teams score: If you think it is an open match with goals from both teams, this is your forecast.

No BePicks predictions takes into account possible extensions or penalties